Training to be a Trainer :)

Good morning 🙂

Last night, about the time I was thinking I could sneak out for Zumba, it got really crazy in the office (which is a GREAT thing!), and then I needed to be at Innate Fitness at 6:30 to help teach class (yippee!! :)). So, needless to say, Zumba unfortunately did not happen last night, but WILL tomorrow (I took the action step of getting a 3-day free pass to this particular gym, so it’s going to happen!).

The class I was helping to teach was a beginners class (which I hope to have as my class to teach in February!!), and I knew (because I created the workout) that we were going to be going over the press that night. Andrew has had the tendency to ask me if I have any pointers in the past, while he was teaching the movements (usually when I’m caught off guard) so I wanted to come prepared this time.

One of the things that has been making me nervous (the most) about being a coach is my articulation. I have worried, in the past, about not being able to explain well enough how to perform a particular movement, safely. I have an excitable personality and I tend to jump all over the place. So, before the workout last night, I watched a video on how to teach the press progression…three times. These 10-15 minutes of preparation time created a whole lot of confidence and even EXCITEMENT for Andrew to call on me this time :-p (I’m sure those nights of lulling myself to sleep with “I’m a confident, articulate Crossfit coach” didn’t HURT either…:-p).While I may know how to do the movements, I don’t always know how to articulate each little cue. I needed some organization to my thoughts. The video created a template for me to follow when teaching , and because of that I felt calmer while talking, and instead of fumbling along nervously,  I was able to articulate what I needed to say clearly, and actually punctuate it with my personality! Hot diggity! :-p

For you coaches out there, how do you prepare yourself mentally before a class?


In love and gratitude,



5 thoughts on “Training to be a Trainer :)

  1. frankfoe says:

    Great post as always Jen. The trainers at Crossfit Avalanche and Blizzard are amazing. They always do a demo of the exercise so we can all see what it looks like. Then they talk about all the parts of the movement, breaking the exercise down into individual movements. and have us practice the individual parts. Then we combine the parts and practice the exercise as a whole. Then they also go over tips and common mistakes to avoid. We always practice with PVC pipes first, then very light weight.

    Your idea of watching the videos is a great one! There is so much great knowledge out there.

    I think the most important thing to consider is functional movement. You should ask yourself “Are they completing the task in the most efficient manner and in a safe way?”

    It is very inspiring that you are getting your Crossfit trainer certification. Congrats on going for it. I am sure you will do great!

  2. frankfoe says:

    Oh also I find visualizations help me when lifting. For example, thinking about the bar traveling straight up vertically or on the front squat thinking about strings pulling my elbows up so they lead the way and my chest stays up.

  3. beautifullystrong says:

    wow! epic comments Frank! Thank you!! I love the idea of visualizing when you are working out, that is GREAT (lovvve the strings pulling your elbows up one!)! Great information, thank you so much!

    • frankfoe says:

      I thought of something else I wanted to share. I think it is important to remember when you become a teacher / trainer what it was like to be a new student. I taught snowboarding for a few years and was very comfortable on a snowboard. When I put some skis on for the first time in a long time, I suddenly remembered how scary the lift is and how big and step the hill seemed. The ability of a teacher to see things through the eyes of a beginner I think will help you articulate your thoughts in a way that a beginner can understand. It is easy to slip into the lingo of your trade. Hope this is helpful.

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