Famous Friends :) :-p

I had quite the surprise Monday morning when I went to the Crossfit.com website to find out what the workout of the day was going to be. Rest day. Dammit! I scroll back to Sunday and who do I see but our Beverly buddies (specifically Alicia Gomes and Jared Monaco  of Crossfit Route 1) who created the workout;  nifty little video included:-p You can watch for yourself here!



So, as you could see on the workout, the WOD was a pull-up ladder. Minute 1, 1 pull-up; minute 2, 2 pull-ups, etc. Oh…does that sound too easy for you?? When you’re up to round 9 or 10, you are already 55 pull-ups deep in 10 minutes, and you’re tired. Trust me, don’t EVER look at a Crossfit workout and say “that’s it??”, usually “that’s it” is quite enough.

I got through 12 whole rounds and 10 of the 13th round before my hand ripped open. Dangit!! I could have gone longer! Oh well, 88 pull-ups is not too shabby!! :-p The best part about it was that I was able to link at least 10 together (with an orange band*, the thinnest)…I was, for some reason, incapable of doing that before, even with the band…but now…NOWWWWWW…non-issue, folks 🙂


With love and gratitude,


*I went back to kipping with the orange band for a while because I was hyper flexible through my lumber and thoracic spine during the kip. I didn’t have enough arm strength, and a little too much flexibility, which was equaling a major jacked up back every time I did a lot of pull-ups. So I started doing strict pull-ups to gain strength, and really started working on creating that hollow body during the kipping motion. Much to my excitement, today after doing 88 of them today, I was pain-free!!


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