Embrace the Weird…

There are many, many perks to being a healthy human being: clearer skin, better digestion, sexier body, more sex(!), improved performance in the gym, better perspective on life, overall increased enthusiasm…etc, etc.

While the downfalls are few and far between, I would be lying if I said there were none. Now, are these downfalls so big that I can’t bear to live with them?…absolutely not. As a matter of fact, when I’m in a better mood than I was yesterday, I tend to find it down right entertaining.

Picture this: you are standing in line at the grocery store, your cart loaded with produce and healthy meats. Once it’s your turn to step up to the belt, and you begin unloading your goods, this is when it starts…

…that glaring look from the cashier….AND the people behind you. First it all starts as a glare from the people in line behind you, but then it turns to looks of mockery and secret giggles with the person they’re with. They look from the belt to their cart, snickering…”what are they vegetarians or something??”…which we’ve actually been asked before. For vegetarians, I would say there is a lot more animal protein in our cart than the rules allow…

Customer 1: "What's going on?" Customer 2: "Oh those damn weirdo's with all the produce again..."

While the people behind us turn from glares, to snickering and then usually back to glares about half way through our pile…, the cashier just never comes out of the dark side:

“Ugh…Sarah, do you know the code for…what is this?? Kale?”

“Ugh…Sarah, what about these? What are they?”

“Ugh…Sarah, do you have a paper towel, I need to wipe down my belt….*grumble grumble*” Oh, I’m sorry… I didn’t feel the need to use 30 little plastic bags (that one’s for you China :-p)…save the mermaids, buddy!

What gets me, however, is this: isn’t it a tad bit crazy that people think people who eat a lot of produce…are weird??? All I can say, in that case, is this:

Embrace the weird!!!


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