Lately, I have had a list of firsts that I’ve wanted to share with you all, and instead of putting them randomly in a list of different posts, I thought I’d share them all in one neat little package.

In the last week, I have had my first…

REAL workshop that I taught with Nick on the topic of goal setting (real, meaning it wasn’t me telling my story, it was teaching others about a topic)! Super fun, too! The part I enjoyed about the process the most, besides that I got to do it with my best buddy, was that I wasn’t nervous one tiny little bit. I don’t know if you all remember me talking about how nervous I was when I taught “my story”…if not, let me refresh you. I was so nervous that I almost blacked out right before I went up, and once I was up there, I was sweating a consistent stream of bullets…so distracting to those in the front row :-p Anyway, Saturday’s workout was nothing like that. I was excited to go teach with Nick, and I truly felt I held my own up there :-p

Paycheck from Innate Fitness!!!! This meant SO much to me. While I DO get paid at SBFC, I get direct deposit, aka, money transfer to my account…so getting a tangible paper check with my name on it for COACHING made my night  🙂 I have yet to cash it, however :-p

Equal coaching environment. Now, I’m not sure how to word that any better, so I’ll just have to explain it. Every Thursday night I coach with Andrew, as I have been saying. He is so awesome to work with; he definitely treats me like an equal in there, which is awesome considering I’m officially NOT an equal quite yet. While he most definitely treats me like an equal, I think there is still an understanding that I am HELPING and he is TEACHING… On Saturday we had the big group workout, and four of the coaches between SBFC and IBBC were teaching four different stations (squats, sprints, pushups and situps), and because Casey couldn’t be there, I decided to jump in and offer to teach the sit-up. It was a growing moment for me to be so quick to offer to teach, I used to be terrified of things like that. The result: I taught, I lived and I had SO much fun doing it!

115 FULL CLEAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  The last time I tried for my max full clean, I got 95#. Yesterday, I killed the 95, and PR’d with 105 and THEN 115!!  Two PR’s in a day is ALWAYS a good day!

So now that I have you all fully caught up, I thought I’d fill you in on Nick and I’s newest sweet, sweet pillow talk low. ..Do you remember the integumentary chatter?? Well, the other night we sweetly whispered the day good-bye to the talk of…

…HDL, LDL and VLDL’s… oh yes, you are correct in questioning whether I’m talking about fat… in bed (and I don’t’ mean IN bed…just in bed…)…

"Thank you for last night...I'm much clearer on my understanding of cholesterol now"

 Oh yes.  New low.

So now I ask you this…I’d like to hear from all of YOU! Please leave a comment with a first you had this week, or the craziest thing you’ve talked about in bed 🙂

 3, 2, 1, GO!

Oh, and have a beautiful day!



*Picture credit to Chelsea Renee Photography 🙂 Also, if you enjoy what I have to say on the regular, or even every once and a while, “like” the beautifully strong project on facebook, and help spread the word!


5 thoughts on “FIRST!

  1. sammyd says:

    Casey and I regularly have poo pillow talk…. it’s so adorable hahaha. Congrats on your achievements miss BADASSSSSSS!!! Love you 😀

  2. steelbladeninja says:

    6 AM last Wednesday, I had my first shot at coaching a new CrossFit member to a smile and some excitment in learning a new movement.

    Enter Kerry, a newbie learning a power clean, her first full class at 6 AM is a big one – 15+ probably in attendance, one coach in the building. While the coach (Raf) was making his rounds, I was working up to a 1 rep max clean & jerk. Kerry was on a platform near me and Raf’s instruction to her while he was making his rounds was “if you get stuck, look at him” [points at me]. Ok, sure, I’m always up for being demo boy.

    A little time went on and I noticed Kerry struggling with getting the bar from ground to shoulder, so I decided I’d put my bar down and go over to help. [Engage coaches eye learned in Level 1 Trainer course.] Through a little bit of breakdown, very slow progression, and very small alterations over 10-15 mintues, I was able to move her from a stiff-legged deadlift high pull to a rather well-executed power clean at light weight. Her excitement was certainly evident the very first time she was able to perform the movement and she said it felt much better than her prior attempts.

    Coaching to results was by far the most fulfilling portion of the class for me. I settled for a 205 lb clean & jerk though my intent coming into class was to make an attempt at 220 lb.

    After class, I received some compliments from another member I’ve been training with for two years, and even had Raf come to me asking what cues I gave Kerry to help her execute the movement.

    Worth the cost of admission!

    The end – NOT!! 😉

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