365 Days

Dear Santa Barbara,

Today marks the one year anniversary of when Nick and I drove across the city limit line. It is BEYOND hard for me to believe that I have already been here 365 days…you’ve taught me so much.

I’ve learned that no matter how hard things seemed when we first got here, a year later, I can’t even remember them…Nick’s experience is not the same supposedly :-p

I’ve learned that it IS possible to laugh THAT much… I have met the most incredible group of ladies here, that pretty much keep me in constant roaring laughter for the entirety of the time we spend together. Kelly, Lauren, Kristen, Sammy, Jessica, Bri, Cris, thank you ladies…thanks to all of you, I feel lighter, funnier, younger and even more full of love and gratitude than ever!

I’ve learned that I am definitely marrying the right person. Let me explain this one…hehe. Over the last year Nick and I have driven across the country, with everything we owned in the back of the Suburban and drove together for two weeks straight….in a car… THEN, we moved to a new town, away from all our friends (and for me, family) and opened a business together (which I’ve heard is like raising a newborn)…To top it all off, we have pretty much spent the last 365 days together, non-stop. The best part is that at the end of the day, I STILL love hanging out with Nick, so much. So, this last year has definitely been a testament to our relationship, and I DEFINITELY feel even more sure that I’m marrying the right person 🙂

I’ve learned just how much Crossfit means to me. When we first moved here, and I was the first time (since KNOWING about Crossfit) without it, I actually got kind of depressed at times. I missed the community (and I wasn’t quite IN with the Innate Community just yet), the accountability, the movements, the workouts, the coaches, the intensity, etc. I had a SUPER hard time transitioning at first. This has really solidified HOW much Crossfit means to me, which definitely played a huge part in what led me on the path toward becoming a trainer 🙂 Hooray for that!

I’ve learned that I am just as wussy about the cold here in California as I was in New England. I’m just more pathetic in my friends and family’s eyes as far that goes :-p

Celebrity sightings are not as a’ plenty as I thought they would be. For as many celebrities that live within 10 miles of me, I have seen SOOOO few…W. T. H! Who have I seen so far? Kathy Ireland, Tony Danza, Sawyer from “Lost” and Jason Statham (or the back of his head, Nick got a better glimpse). If I sound like a silly little girl from Maine who gets excited about celebrities…it’s because I am! 😛 Forgive me :-p

Amongst all of these things, I have learned that I am SO grateful for everything in my life; great weather, farmers markets everyday year round, a kick ass job!, an adorable little tree house home, family here, the Pacific, Swednesday mornings, having the gym on the other side of the wall, etc etc etc.

Life is good, count your blessings.

What are you grateful for today?



4 thoughts on “365 Days

  1. steelbladeninja says:

    Who knew when you went away last year, you were moving into a fairy tale. This makes me happy. Very happy. 🙂

    Yeah, dude’s a pretty awesome guy… 😉

    Can’t wait to hang out in some Santa Barbara sunshine and play HARD!

  2. Alexis Girvan says:

    love love love this post!!! So looking forward to doing life with you out there, friend. COunting my blessings here in this beautifully community I”m departing from – and already counting the ones I know are coming.

    love you

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