On Getting SUPER “Defined”…

A few weeks ago I wrote a post about finding my “definite purpose”. In that post I touched upon what my “definite purpose” was, what one IS, and how I came to it; what I did not touch on was what it has done for me since.

The other night I got a call from my good friend, Amanda. We chatted about this and that, and after a while she asked me how things with Nick were; my response was “better than ever”, and I meant EVER! I feel like we have improved and grown even more together, figured each other out a little bit better, and learned how to do this all the while being together 24/7 (work and life :-p). While I was listing these reasons to Amanda, I hear Nick from the other room call out:

“And you found your definite purpose, so you’re not in your head so much!”

Me??? In my head?? Say WHAT?! 😛 I keeeed. Yes, for those of you who do NOT know that side of me, I used to tend to get all up in my own head quite frequently, thinking WAY too much about things that were not important to think about, or that would only cause myself harm. What I FOUND is that when I defined my definite purpose, which was: “To introduce and excited as many people as possible to Crossfit, while being a leading authority in the Crossfit Kids community”, I started searching for tools on how to BECOME this person that I want to be, rather than thinking twice about an interaction that took place earlier that day. Combine all of this with a full schedule of working out, eating healthy foods, taking fish oil, and of course being ADJUSTED!, well heck, I’m feeling pretty darn good right now :-p 🙂

Other side benefits of finding my definite purpose have been:

~More confidence

~More enthusiasm for what I am doing

~More energy

~Improved relationship with everyone I encounter

~More positive

~Did I mention MORE CONFIDENCE?!

I think gaining more confidence has been the most exciting “side benefit” for me. When I go next door to Innate Fitness to help Andrew teach on Thursday nights, I feel MUCH more comfortable in front of people, I co-taught a WORKSHOP with Nick, I was one of the coaches for the group workout a couple Saturday’s ago, I feel like I’m speaking up more in meetings, and volunteering to take on more and more. I feel like myself again. When I was in Beverly I felt like I ate, breathed, and slept all things CROSSFIT…when we moved here I lost it a little…more than a little actually (but it wasn’t completely gone!). I feel since defining my definite purpose I am back to the girl who wakes up thinking about kipping pull-ups or this morning it was a book idea/seminar tour that I would love to do in the future that means a lot to me (but I’m going to keep that one on the DL for a bit :-p).

How to find your Definite Purpose:

Sit down with a pen and paper and start writing! Write down what gets you excited to get out of bed in the morning, what skills you think that you excel at, where you think your gifts are. Then pick the things that are HIGHEST on your list of values (if you do not pick things within your values, they will not be sustainable. Anything that is not honest, true or good is, by law (of the universe, and maybe the government as well, haha) not sustainable…it WILL break down over time. So, pick only that which is HIGH on your list of values.

Once you have shortened your Definite Purpose down to one POWERFUL sentence, its important to map out a plan of action for reaching that purpose: How are you going to do it? What do you need to learn to become that person? Who do you need to become to reach this goal?

Once you have it mapped out, you want to visualize the person you become who is able to achieve this definite purpose. The Laws of Success by Napolean Hill recommends meditating and visualizing that person in the life that you want for 30 minutes a day! Yes, that is a huge commitment, but ‘the dominating thoughts of your mind eventually reproduce themselves in outward bodily action and gradually transform themselves into physical reality’.

Success demands singleness of purpose.

~Vince Lombardi

Have a wonderful day 🙂 xoxo



3 thoughts on “On Getting SUPER “Defined”…

  1. sbfamilychiro says:

    This is so true folks, I am continuously impressed by Jennifer and in the last few weeks she has been able to become more purposeful and focused, which has had an wonderful effect on those around her. She is even more pleasant (hard to believe) and more tolerant because, I think she said it, she has been focused on her purpose.
    I’m so proud of you Jen, you amaze me every day.

    PS one of Jen’s super abilities is to continue to do thing that are uncomfortable or downright scary on a daily basis (she’s not always happy about it, even though I may be the only one that knows it ;-p) but she does scary sh@# all the time, which translates into growth (which you have all seen over the last two years big time!). And in the last few weeks she has been even more impressive at this trait, doing more scary stuff and doing it with acceptance and love with purpose in her heart.
    Way to go Jennifer!

  2. Alexis Girvan says:

    So proud of you love. This is the kind of stuff that makes life EXPLODE!!! I’m so psyched for you.

    A wonderful resource I’ve used in the past – for value defining – habit creating – etc. – is http://thecompoundeffect.com/resources.php. There is TONS of great stuff on there.

    Excited to be doing life with you sooooon!!!!!!!!

    Much love,

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