Crossfit Trainer??

I just wanted to say thank you to Nicole for keeping me on my toes and calling me out on my absent ways 🙂

“How did {the Crossfit cert} go?”




I sat down Monday morning (LAST Monday morning) to write about the weekend for all of you, and what happened is I just sat staring at my laptop screen for an hour with TOO much to say…so naturally, I said nothing. To recap the weekend, I’m going to bullet-ize it for you:

– Got to be coached by Katie Hogan and Jason Khalipa! It was so neat to be trained and coached by people who both Nick and myself admire as athletes, so much. Also, it was so great to be able to watch them be coaches (they are PHENOMINAL coaches…) and hear their thought processes while they’re training athletes and learn from them 🙂 You guys rocked!

-We did FRAN the first night…did it in 7:30 (but finished in 8 something…took me a MINUTE to do my last pull-up…). Now, I need to stay on this for a second; this was the first time EVER that I have done Fran WITHOUT a band, and the pull-up bar was FOREIGN to me, and probably twice as thick as the bars at our gym. So even if this was my worst Fran time yet…it was a PR in a way for me :-p  China killed it though 🙂 Something like 5:50!! Animal!

-Met and was coached by the first “kid” to go through Crossfit Kids…: Conner Martin; He is the eldest son of the creators of Crossift Kids,  Jeff and Mikki Martin. Super nice guy, and super impressive coach…he was certified as a trainer at the ripe old age of 12…seriously.

-I met a reader of my blog!! So neat to meet and chat with people who have randomly stumbled across my blog and enjoy reading it 🙂 So nice to meet you Brittany!! 🙂

-The ride there was interesting…China, Dannielle and I drove down together to San Diego, while the guys left together. They literally left about 10 minutes before us, and got there 3 hours before we did…you do the math… Let’s just say that by the end of the ride, us ladies were completely delirious, and could do nothing but laugh till the point of tears when Nick’s directions led us to the middle of a cemetary…Who knew that there is both a Camino PUERTA and a Camino HUERTA in the SAME zip code…who knew… :-p

-I feel closer to my coworkers than ever before; it was a wonderful bonding moment, and I’m so thankful for the experience with them.

So, that is it, in a nutshell 🙂 We all passed, we are all officially Crossfit level 1 trainers, and I get to start working it now 🙂

PS: 54 days until Nick and I’s wedding!!!




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