We didn’t have ENOUGH going on…

…so we got a DOG!!! 🙂


Meet McMillan 🙂 The beautiful 4 yr old Boxer that we adopted/rescued here in SB 🙂 He is AMAZING 🙂


4 thoughts on “We didn’t have ENOUGH going on…

  1. mzabel3Mallor says:

    I feel like we are life twins. I am planning a wedding. I love crossfit and am getting slowly becoming completely paleo and I have a beautiful one year old boxer. They are the best dogs. You will love having him!

    • beautifullystrong says:

      Haha, that’s awesome! It DOES sound like life twinseys 🙂 Boxers, from what I’ve heard and have experienced thus far, are seriously the best dogs ever…we feel so lucky to have McMillan 🙂 He’s the man! 🙂

      When is your wedding? Where do you Crossfit?

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