Save the Mermaids!


For all of you Santa Barbarans…

TODAY is the day the Bag Ban will go in front of the SB City Council. Here’s a reminder of what YOU can do to help!

1. Attend the City Council meeting @ City Hall (735 Anacapa St.) TODAY Tuesday 3/13, 2pm (let’s pack the place to show the importance of this issue!)

2. Send a short email to our city council: (,,, …,,,, like this…

Dear Council Members,
I am a Santa Barbara resident and voter and I would like to address the issue of Santa Barbara banning plastic bags. 16% of the California population now has ban legislation and I find it appalling that Santa Barbara an environmentally forward city has not done so yet! Please change your votes to help create a cleaner and more beautiful community!

3. Call and leave a message to any of the city council members (found here):
Check out Save the Mermaids for more information!
With love,

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