A great reminder for me today…what is the RIGHT thing to do, is not always the easier or most comfortable… learning to get COMFORTABLE with the UNCOMFORTABLE!

In the last couple years I have grown so much that I sometimes feel like a rubber band constantly on the brink of snapping. There are some SERIOUS stretch marks on my brain, let me tell you. While the majority of these days have been exciting and empowering, there have been days where I have wondered why I am putting myself through this little “project”…and so badly wish to just take a break.

Life is neat. Often we hear exactly what we need to hear, exactly when we need to hear it. It is often hard to ignore that there may very well be someone/something around us keeping us on track in life. When I’m at my  most exhausted point with all the personal improvement in my life, I hear things like these comments in passing conversations with strangers,

“People often get scared when they’re growing and they see the ugliest…

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