Hi, my name is …

Hi, my name is Jen…and I’m a start-a-new-book-a-holic…

In the last few months, I have started 7 new books…all of which I go back to whenever the mood strikes. For a little insight into the mind of Jen…here is a list of what I’m currently reading…

The Power of Community – a Crossfit story….uh duh…I’m reading this for obvious reasons 🙂 I am probably THE biggest fan of not only Crossfit, but the COMMUNITY aspect of Crossfit…this was a natural choice for me 🙂

The Female Brain – Such an amazing book with so much insight into how our brains work, ladies! Not only will you feel more understanding as to why you do this or that, but you will feel more reassured that you are NORMAL! For example: did you know that “Baby on the Brain” or “Baby Lust” is completly out of our control?!! There are ACTUAL endorphins that emit out of the top of a babies sweet little head that make you want to have babies…tricky tricky Creator :-p

Love and Respect – This was a wedding gift from some sweet friends…and this is an amazing book for marriage or ANY relationship for that matter. Ladies, want to win some respect from a male co-worker? This book will help with that too!!! Men, want some respect from your lady?? Read on, man, read on!

Conscious Loving: The Journey to Co-Commitment– Also a wedding gift…learning how to be in a committed relationship without “losing yourself”. This is ALSO an AWESOME book (can you see why I’m having issues committing to just ONE?)

Confessions of an Economic Hitman– This one probably needs some explaining. There have been many a discussions recently in my circle of community about “the fall of the economy”. While watching an AMAZING documentary, Thrive, the author of “Confessions” started explaining what he did in his career (which was essentially bribing small countries (with money, sex or death) to do as the US says, or else…after hearing him speak, I HAD to get the book! It is written in the way that it reads like a novel…so for those of us who are not into history OR economics…it’s still an easy read. Inform yourself, at the very least. As weird as this sounds…there are three kinds of people in the world:

-The kind that when the Titanic was going down, they became a deer in the headlights.
“What’s going on!? What do I do?? What, what, what??”

-There is the type who says, “okay the boat is sinking. Who knows how to build a boat? Teach me how to build a boat!”

-Then there is the type who says, “This is the #%$Ting Titanic…it’s unsinkable…I’ll see you in the bar!”

Don’t be that guy…

…educate yourself :-p

Childbirth without Fear– I’m reading this because those tricky little buggers (babies) were emitting some freaking endorphins that realllllllllly convinced me that I want a baby. So, why not start learning now :-p

50 Shades of Grey– Okay…this is COMPLETELY different than anything else of my list. HOWEVER…it has held my attention more than any other as well. I started reading it yesterday, and I am almost half way through the book…on a WEEKDAY! I have been hearing about this book for months and months…finally, after hearing that every person I know is reading this…I decided to bite the bullet.

When I was ordering this book on my Kindle, my brother-in-law Andrew so kindly informed me that that book was “filthy”. HAHA! Honestly, it is, just a little bit…but I have not been able to put this book down…at all!! Give me a break, I’m human :-p

So, that’s what I’M readin’ :-p What has you all tied up lately?

My nose in a book,


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