Last night, at about 5:29pm, my co-work China poked her head into SBFC to excitedly ask me if I was working out at the 5:30pm class. I wasn’t planning on it, well not 100% anyway…but I jumped on the opportunity!

For the month of June I have been programming for Innate Fitness (which by the way, I have LOVED doing!) and I made yesterdays workout the following…


Skill: Double unders

Challenge: 100 double unders for time

WOD: Karen (150 wall balls for time)


Yowzah!!! The last time I did my 100 double unders I finished in 1:32…last night I PR’d with 1:20!!! AND BAREFOOT! I must say, however, when you are barefoot, there is a fear in you like no other…do NOT get whipped by the rope, or you will cry like a little girl! So…I didn’t! 🙂

Karen was a doozy, but I finished in 9:12 with a 14# ball…which after looking around on the internet, is not THAT competitive I guess…but I am but a mere mortal :-p


Finally, last workout that I will post today…TODAY (as in 10 minutes ago) I did “Grace” (30 clean and jerks for time). By the way, have you ever done Grace after Karen?? Leg’s be TAPPED! Continuing on…For women, the rx’d weight is 95#, but I am working my way up there. Last time I did it which was about a month ago, I did it in 4:46 at 65#…TODAY I did it in 4:30 (on the dot!) at 75#!!! Wooot!!!! I was totally prepared mentally to go in there and have a slower time, but I wanted to try the heavier weight. I was not planning on pr’ing at a higher weight…extra bonus!!! 🙂


This is a video that was taken at the 2011 Crossfit Games. There was a spectator booth for “Barbells for Boobs” that was doing a Grace-off where spectators could enter to compete against other spectators to raise money for breast cancer. This spectator KILLED it!



That’s it for today…have an AWESOME weekend 🙂 xoxoxo


PS: has anyone tried the smoothie recipe I put up? Something I’ve learned is that you should not put too much ice in it, or it will get this nasty foamy layer on top that is pretty cool when it’s a vanilla iced latte….but NOT pretty cool when it’s the color of sewer slime (ewwww). Just an FYI…



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