Questions to the reader…

I was reading one of my favorite blogs ever, and she did something fun where she asked her readers questions about THEM! I thought that might be something fun to do with you, learn more about who’s reading, FIND OUT who’s reading, find out if anyone’s reading?? :-p

So, I will post some questions and you can comment your answers back in return (and you can comment anonymously if you need to :-p)


1. Hey baby, where you from? (I’m from a little teeny tiny town in way northern Maine called Caribou…yes, like the animal…er, no we do not have Caribou’s in Caribou…)

2. How old are you? (I’m curious to see what age group is reading this blog, lemme guess, you’re about 25-30 and a girl? I’m 29, and a girl :))

3. Do I know you? (this one is pretty easy, either we have met, or we haven’t! If we do know each other, from where? :))

4. Do you Crossfit? (if you do Crossfit, where? If you don’t…what’s holding you back?)

5. How did you find my blog? (Most of the blogs I have found were through chasing the rabbit down the rabbit hole that is the internet…some through friends…how did you find mine?)

6. What kinds of things would you like to see more of on my blog? (This is an important one! I would love to know what kinds of things I could do more of/better to improve your viewing/reading experience :-p But seriously…what are you into?)

7. What is your favorite WOD? (this one is obviously specific to Crossfitters obviously…if you don’t Crossfit, what is your favorite workout?!)

8. This is a fun one that Bridget asked her readers, just for fun and I would love to continue that…are any of you famous? (Now by famous, that can obviously mean in movies or music…but it could also mean elite level Crossfitism :))

9. What do you do for a living? (I participate and contribute to society by coaching peeps toward optimal wellness and reminding them of how awesome they are on a daily basis!)

Mucho love,


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11 thoughts on “Questions to the reader…

  1. steelbladeninja says:

    1. Hey baby, where you from?
    The Aloha State! 100% Japanese, 100% American, born and raised in Hawaii but not a drop of Hawaiian blood (Native Hawaiian is its own people group, sorta like Native American…but from a much more isolated land mass).

    2. How old are you?
    Not 25-30 and not a girl. 35-40 and all dude.

    3. Do I know you?
    I knew a girl who once bore the name but that girl isn’t this girl…definitely not the same girl…

    4. Do you Crossfit?
    With a passion! North Shore CrossFit Danvers MA. YEEEEAAAAAHHH BOYYYYYEEEEE!!! 😀

    5. How did you find my blog?
    I think we were Facebook friends long before you started this thing, and real life friends even before that! Quite entertaining…quite entertaining… 😀

    6. What kinds of things would you like to see more of on my blog?
    MORE PROGRESS!!! Considering how far you’ve come in such a short period of time, can’t wait to see where you’re going! Weak to strong, Miss to Mrs., scaredy cat to bulldog…etc… 😉

    7. What is your favorite WOD?
    Grace. Certainly not because I have a killer time but because I love the challenge of making it look better than everybody who can destrow my time at it. [Heh, if you can’t win the thing, may as well look like a pro doing it!]

    8. Are any of you famous?
    Well… 😉

    Love you Jen (and that monster of a husband of yours)! 🙂

  2. Denise Pawlowski Hughes says:

    1. A teeny tiny town in northern Maine called Fort Kent! But dad was in the air force and I grew up in CA, SC, and mostly DE. Now outside Washington DC.

    2. 40-something going on 14 🙂

    3. If we met, you were a baby. Your dad was jammin with his band at a relative’s house. My mom says she and your mom are first cousins (she thinks!)

    4. Doesn’t everyone eat, sleep, and Crossfit? Lol!

    5. Your blog was linked to another I stumbled on, I think a CF in Massachusetts?

    6. More about your progress as a cf trainer, diet tricks or recipes you loooove, aha moments.

    7. I love me some Fran. Really!

    8. I may be infamous to some but I am definitely not famous!

    • beautifullystrong says:

      Nice to meet you Denise 🙂 🙂 How did you get into Crossfit? The blog in MA makes sense, that’s where I was living before CA 🙂 More progress as a cf trainer, check…I will get on that 🙂 Along wtih recipes and diet stuff 🙂 Fran…reall?? …REALLY? :-p

      • Denise Pawlowski Hughes says:

        I found CF via Kettlebell training. A friend at work mentioned that her neighbor was highly rated as a KB instructor. I always wanted to train with KBs, but I knew enough to wait till I found a great instructor. CF came with the package and I love love love it! Yes, Fran really! But my coach does his own programming too so there’s a lot of his I love, usually the ones with KB exercises.

  3. Rose says:

    1. I’m from New York…..Long Island & Queens
    2. I will be 53 this month…..but feel more like 33……I heard 30 is the new 50!
    3. Yes… know me but I first met you through this blog when you wrote about you pr-ing 3 mile run….even after falling! Then we were introduced by Alexis.
    4. Is the Pope Catholic?
    5. Posted on facebook by a mutual friend.
    6. Whatever you want to write about!
    7. “Helen” is my favorite because it’s my first.
    8. I’d like to think so but I’m probably alone in that thought!
    9. I’m a social worker for the state of MA……child protection for the past 28 years.

  4. Shlomo Baron says:

    1.I’m from the beautiful island of Hawaii.
    2. I’m 28..will be 29 by tomorrow. 🙂
    3. Nope but I know you through this blog that I happened to visit today by accident..(looks like serendipity..)
    4. Ahem.. I’m not exactly sure what you mean..crossfit?..maybe sometimes.
    5. From Mr Google Search, like dating game.
    6. Anything under the sun.. I mean great stuff,updates,suggestions..whatever
    7. Love.. it makes me silly sometimes.
    8. No. I’m a low profile person.
    9. I’m an advocate of chiropractic care and natural medicines. That’s all.

  5. Caro says:

    1. I’m from France, not really anywhere specifically… Dad was in the army, so we’ve just been all over the place

    2. I’m 27 (and still feel and think like a teenager way too often ah ah) and a girl!

    3. Once upon time…in this little town of Salem…you were sitting by yourself at the Gulu and that’s how everything started! I’ve spent the best moments of my year in MA in this bar with you. Surely wish you were living closer…

    4. I tried but could not keep up because of crazy work schedule but I’m currently building a garage gym and just started WOD by myself. I did not get a chance to find an instructor so far that acts like an instructor! which means being on your a** and correcting your form a lot and pushing you every second. This is how it should be right? and all about community right??? I guess I’m still looking for the perfect match (maybe you should start a, a dating website for people who want to share their passion and do WOD on their first date 🙂

    5. I just followed it since I left MA. How sad that your amazing journey only started right after I left and met your husband 😦

    6. I think you should add more receipes! more personal tricks about to get better at every single movement. Very selfishly I’d love to know your tricks to be able to achieve performing double unders. I struggle! Where do you place your hands? your legs bent or not? what do you think when you jump? what initial goal did you have? and on and on…you could do that about anything, push press, clean jerk… I would love to read abour you doubts (so I don’t feel shitty about myself when I see how great you are ah ah). Do you doubt? do you get sad when you don’t achieve your goals on time or the way you wanted to? how do you manage these moments? etc…

    7. Who knows…hopefully I’ll be able to let you know one day! By the way people often talk about these WOD with girl names! Could you explain what they consist in? like a little list or something…if this is not too long to do!

    8. Famous to the eyes of my dogs…maybe :s
    9. I’m a veterinaraian, I love what I do and I hope I not only help animals but also help people. Sometimes for the best or sometimes to go through the worst…

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