How do YOU prepare?

How do you prepare for a workout?

…Let’s say the workout is Fran…what’s going on in your head right before the 3, 2, 1…?

Nick said before a workout he figures out how many sets and reps he wants to do at a time to pace himself…this does not surprise me, Nick is extremely LOGICAL 🙂

I, before a workout, stare at my bar…with lots of butterflies and deep breathes…and whispers sweet “eff you’s” to the bar before the 3, 2, 1…this again does not surprise me…I’m am extremely emotional :-p

…some people yell, some people bounce in place, some people pound their own chest (I’m not sure MANY people do this, but it’s reasonable)…

…Let’s see what, elite athlete Katie Hogan does 🙂 …


What do YOU do before a workout to psych yourself up?


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