“I think I want to do Bikram again!”

This morning on our way to work, out of the blue, I say to Nick,

“I think I’m going to start doing some Bikram again…”

This seemed to be a little out of no where for Nick…maybe even myself. I was thinking recently that I needed to “crosstrain” (isn’t Crossfit sort of the DEFINITION of crosstraining?? What does someone do to crosstrain when they Crossfit?!). While I was scanning through the good ole’ FB this morning, I noticed my friend Stephanie posted one of my old blog post videos on someone’s wall…and guess what it was? My old Bikram vlog post. After watching it, I’m not 100% I’m convinced I WANT to try it again…but I may have to now, just to prove to myself it won’t kill me…or at least make another interesting video 🙂

Enjoy 🙂



PS: Nick and I are traveling down to LA tonight to begin our LONG weekend of CROSSFIT!!!!! The 2012 Crossfit Games begin on Friday at 8am (well, it actually started Wednesday, but for spectators…), and that is where we will be from Friday 8am to Sunday 8pm 🙂 If you are watching on ESPN3.com…cheer a little harder for Alicia Gomes (our trainer back in Beverly, MA), she’s amazing!!!!


Much love,




2 thoughts on ““I think I want to do Bikram again!”

  1. Amanda says:

    Look at you on a blog roll……. boyyyyy I forgot about this little gem. Best ever… even funnier than it was last time! I did Bikram in Montreal and the woman was yelling in french. It was like some french drill camp. She clapped her hands a lot like Hitler. (I don’t know if he did that just a hunch.) At one point she came over to me and said in french: “oh come on, your not that tight girl”. I was like uh ya I am I just did a little diddy we call Fran yesterday.

    Love you! So jelder of the Xfit games weekend! Have fun! AND YOU CAN BET ILL BE WITH YOU NEXT YEAR! MUAH!

  2. beautifullystrong says:

    jelder, this little fad abbrev must not have hit the west coast yet :-p Yeah, they can be a little scary…but I decided I’m just going to try it again once…see how I feel…if I hate it, at least I have a good blog post out of it :-p

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