Dating…FOR TIME!

Okay, this post is for all you single Crossfitting hotties out there…

Did you know this existed?!… 

…which has a tag line of “If you Snatch…we MATCH!”…which reminds me of the latest dirty bird shirt that I saw at the CF Games (“Snatch is Paleo” dirrrrty…but true, is it not?)…

…but seriously…how much are you kicking yourself right now for not coming up with this idea first?? A bunch of growth oriented, hot bodied, sweat machines (well, that may not be super sexy) looking for others of the like. Uh DUH…how has there not been a site like this sooner?

 If you Crossfit, and you aren’t finding what you want at your own box…(he, sorry)…get on 🙂 Just helpin’ a fellow CF’er out 🙂

This could be you!

Much love,



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