Almost Famous :)

I’m taking today’s post to spot light my soul sister, Kelly Kirlin, and her new business Tres Belle Photography (with photographer Rebecca Farmer). Anyone hear of boudoir?? Oh yeah? It’s allllllll the rage right now :-p…but seriously, it seems to be…FYI: Kelly and Rebecca started this up before boudoir was “hot”…just sayin’.

This month they are printing their first ever print ad in C Wedding Magazine, and the “model” in the ad is ME!!! Whoop whoop!! While I will not be putting the ad up in my post (my hubs was a wee bit uncomfortable with it :-p…which I unnnndderrrstand!), I’ve got some teasers for you, to show you the gift of photography that Kelly and Rebecca have going on.

Here are a few teasers:

*If you want to see the ad, it’s in C Wedding magazine this month…on shelves now*

Très Belle is a Santa Barbara based photo studio owned by Kelly Kirlin and Rebecca Farmer. We are creating elegant, vintage inspired and custom tailored boudoir imagery with an emphasis on photographing brides to be (however, not necessary to be a bride-to-be!). We offer photo packages that include beautiful custom designed sets, professional hair and make-up and champagne in a private studio close to the beach. Come play, be pampered, and feel Tres Belle! 

The day of the shoot, I was there with a group of my besties…hanging out, sipping champagne, snacking paleo style, getting our hair and makeup done by a pro and supporting the HELL out of each other! Every outfit someone put on, there was nothing but OOOOHHHHs and AHHHHs…you left that changing room feeling like a rock star GODDESS!! THEN…you get behind the camera, and Kelly and Rebecca are constantly telling you how beautiful and sexy you are…and immediately, all thoughts of shyness or discomfort for being in your underwear in front of a whole room of people…are gone. They are genius at what they do, and I wanted to do this write up today to support my friend, of course…but I truly, 100% believe in their gift, and I wanted to share that with all of you.

So you’ve been working hard for that body of yours…maybe you don’t have a special REASON to get a shoot done right now…but what better reason than to capture your hard work in print? You’ve busted your butt with squats, tightened your calves with all those sprints and double unders, sculpted your abs with those overhead squats and knees to elbows…

…show it off girl!

SO!!! Lucky you!! If you call Tres Belle Photography (805-669-7145) and tell them that you heard about them from The Beautifully Strong Project, you will receive 15% off the Princess Package:

Princess Package: $850
Fee includes:

  • Two set-ups and 2 outfit changes at Tres Belle’s private studio in Santa Barbara
  • Hair and make-up done by professional stylists in the photo industry
  • Same day viewing of images
  • Selection of 20 high resolution and fully retouched images (more images can be purchased a la carte if desired)
  • 3 custom designed wallet sized accordion booklets to give as a gift to your man (and of course keep a couple for      yourself)
  • $75 credit towards other prints and/or products
  • A bottle of champagne to lighten the mood!

That is an all around savings of $125!!! Round up a group of girlfriends, and find a reason to go out and buy some “pretty things” 🙂

Much love,



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