What moves you?

This song is one of the MANY bad-ass songs that I watched the Crossfitters working HARD to during the Games (and incase you haven’t seen the video, it’s really strange, and I thought I would share…). I remember standing under the punishing sun, whimpering a little bit, watching these people working as hard as they ever have, regardless of the heat (because unlike me, they are not a bunch of pansies who can’t even just STAND in the sun)…and then found myself  full fledge “fence dancing” (I was leaning against a fence…:)) because EVERY SINGLE song that was played during the weekend was AMAZING!

Music has an interesting power, doesn’t it? You could be having a super “off” day, or even working pretty hard during your WOD, but then all of a sudden the right song comes on, and you’re like “OHHHH YEAH!!!!” and all of a sudden Fran has become your little bitch.

Since we are all here to improve and find ways to make working out a little easier…(at least some of you are looking for that, anyway)  here are a few that do that for me:

– Rock that body by Black Eyed Peas

– Nasty Girl by Nitty (bonus if paired with “Nasty Girls”)

– Remember the name by Fort Minor

– Sexy and I know it by LMFAO

– My Chick Bad by Ludacris

– Anything Lil’ Wayne, Eminem, or could be categorized by “hate music” essentially :)…and apparently afer reviewing my list, I like songs that whisper sweet sublimitives to me that I am truly one bad-ass woman 🙂


So now is the fun part… let’s share! I want to know what songs really get you going HARD, and then we can make one BIG playlist that keeps us pushing our edge throughout all our workouts (sorry guys, but the random disco songs on the playlists at the gym are just no longer doing it for me :-p)


3, 2, 1….GO!


12 thoughts on “What moves you?

  1. Amanda says:

    Ohh just had to comment on this one! I am a music lover to the core. It makes SOOO much of a difference! Here are a few I use in my Tabata class and a few I love to Crossfit too:)

    Stronger- Kanye West
    Maneater -Nelly Furtado
    Don’t stop the music- Rihanna
    Barracuda – Heart
    Like a G6 – Far East Movement
    You Can Do it – Ice Cube (Edited version….original can be a little much for the gym.)
    Rock that Body- skrillex remix (so much better than the original 🙂
    Body Movin- Beastie Boys
    We run the night- Havana Brown

    AHH I Love music!!!!!
    We should do this for everything……
    sweet lovin’

    ya. you got the picture…..

  2. Amanda says:

    Ok so I have to comment on this post because I am a music lover to the core and think it makes all the difference! Here are a few of my favorites from my Tabata Class and to crossfit too

    We Run the night- Havana Brown
    Stronger- Kanye West
    Maneater- Nelly Furtado
    Like a G6- Far East Movement
    Body Movin’- Beastie Boys
    You can do it- Ice Cube! (the best!!! Edited version…..original can be a bit much for the gym)
    Rock that body- Skrillex remix!
    Barracuda – Heart
    Don’t stop the music- Rihanna

    OHHH man I love music! We should do this for everything! playlists for

    sweet lovin’

    ya. you get the picture

  3. kellykirlin says:

    OK, I’m going with “Feel So Close” by Calvin Harris. You know the one – “I feel so close to you right now, its a force field”. Mainly because this song totally reminds me of Sammy sending out love to all the IBBC girls via text letting us know when and where its playing the radio – particularly the morning of Jenn’s wedding 🙂 So, it makes me happy and make me think of my workout girls, and that makes me try harder becuase of how much you ALL inspire me beyond my wildest dreams!! There! xoxox

  4. amanda says:

    ya, so I thought the first post was deleted because it never showed up when I posted it and I had to write it all out again. whoops. sorry! 😛

  5. Alexis Girvan says:

    Love this, Jen. A master playlist is brilliant… 🙂 The hate music just doesn’t do for it me – sorry Nick!

    Amanda’s list is pretty much exactly mine. Gotta love having the same taste in music as your besties – and sharing music on Spotify 🙂

    Here are some additional ones I love to run/wkout to:
    Put Your Hands on Me Baby – Joss Stone
    Let it Rock – Kevin Rudolf and Lil Wayne
    Titanium – David Guetta, Sia
    Let Me Think About It – DJ Dance
    Yeah 3x – Chris Brown
    We Run the Night – Havana Brown (Already on Amanda’s list – but deserves a double mention)
    Turn me On – David Guetta

    Cant’ wait to work out TOGETHER with great music soon.. !!!!

  6. beautifullystrong says:

    woooo!!! Solid list!! There willl most likely be hate music on there, unfortunately, hahaa, all of us coaches like working out to that over here :-p 🙂 …which, I should mention, is the ONLY time I listen to that stuff… :-p

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