TGIFriiiiiday Faves :)

tgifriday faves 727

1.  I have literally NEVER been in love with a wallet in my life…until my hobo. I love EVERYTHING about it…the fact that you can put your CELL phone, your keys AND your lip gloss in it…on top of the usual wallet stuff! Also, it smells amazing. Weird, I know…but it smells of fine leather, hehe, and you can probably sometimes catch me sniffing my wallet :-p If ever you are going to invest in a wallet, this baby is the pick of the littah 🙂

2. Oh man…this is one of the many reasons I miss Boston, to be perfectly honest with you. There is an AWESOME store of Newbury Street in Boston, called Sabon. Just go in there, play and leave with as much as you can hold (or just order online…mail carriers can hold a lot more!). I LOVVVVVE the lavender apple body scrub specifically. I remember this one time I just scrubbed up with this stuff at the end of my shower…got out, got ready and went out PERFUME-LESS to a bar, and while I was waiting in line for a drink at the bar, some guy was like “WHO IS THAT? WHO SMELLS LIKE HEAVEN!!!” Trust me…it’s DELICIOUS!

3. So here is a little true story of grossness about me. I have a GNARLY varicose vein on my right leg, that I HATE! Besides the fact that it doesn’t look so pretty, it is actually started to bother me physically at this point, I can feel it when I work out for a while. I SWEAR that it has gotten worse since I started working out; Nick thinks it’s because I have lost body fat and it’s just more noticeable at this point, which could be true…but regardless I decided to take action steps to make sure it doesn’t get worse. While I was at the Games, I noticed some of the athletes out on the field had only one leg sleeve…and then I realized “I could wear ONE compression sleeve for my leg!”. I know…let’s pause for the pure genius here… :-p So I went over to Reebok and bought myself a $45 effing sleeve…yep. How’s it going? Well, when I REMEMBER to wear it, it feels really nice actually. I feel like my leg is being hugged and caressed by silk…so yes, I enjoy it very much.

4. Oh man…I loveeeee these shorts. Here’s another little confession…I bought a pair of shorts identical to these at lululemon for $50, and hate joke. I hate them because I feel like my ass falls out the bottom of the shorts. Now, in all reality, my ass may VERY WELL be falling out of the bottom of ALL of my shorts, but at least I’m not hyper aware of it 🙂 These shorts are by Life as Rx’d…and guess how much they were? Guess!! Guess dammit…  $20!! Yes, $20. I will be returning my lulu pairs and purchasing multiple of these at some point…because they ROCK!

So ladies and gents, that’s it! You can check these things out yourself, or if you really want to buy me a present I really love Sabon’s stuff… 🙂

Much love for the weekend! I have a surprise date night planned for me tonight supposedly 🙂 ooooh 🙂



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