Injuries and Olympics

In light of the frustration I’ve been feeling lately about hurting myself over and over in the gym… and of course the Olympics (trust me, this will make sense…)…I’d like to discuss with you my recent brilliant idea… :-p

This past Saturday I came to the 9am class at Innate, like usual, and proceeded to whoop my own butt, like usual! One of the movements in the workout was a standing med ball throw (more like HURL…or CHUCK!) at a wall. My team chose a 14# med ball. Now, while doing the standing med ball throw, Andrew continuously said to me, “check your alignment, Jen. Square your hips!” (We have great coaches at Innate who care about your well-being, AND your spine!) I honestly didn’t know how to do that…I continued rotating MASSIVELY at the waist, and hurling this #14 ball as hard as I could at the wall.

Later that day, which seemed as if “out of nowhere” my back gave out on me. There was nothing directly tied to it to make me associate it with any particular movement. I felt like I was officially in a body cast of pain. The next day I ended up stealing Nick’s massage to try to loosen everything up around my spine so that I could get a better adjustment…and alas the massage and adjustment left me feeling a wee bit better. This all lead to ANOTHER conversation of frustration with Nick (not WITH Nick, the conversation was with him though… :-p) in that I’m SICK of HURTING MYSELF!!! Nick very gently played with my hair and assured me that he understood why I would be so frustrated…that HAS to be super frustrating…(way to validate, baby…way to validate :)). Where we went from there was this…

…while I maybe (I accent on MAYBE) could be a higher than average athlete compared to the “average American”…out of the pool of athletes…I am (and I quote, this came out of my mouth today…) “the lowest of the low”. Damn girl, why are you so hard on yourself? This is actually a fact. The MAJORITY of athletes who are my age, have been an athlete since they were small. They MOVE like athletes; they have learned how to use their body to access the most strength, power and agility. A seasoned athlete would have done that same standing med-ball throw, and moved THROUGH his/her legs and hips…instead of essentially doing standing med-ball throwing twist spasms…ahem…like me. Nick explained to me that I am unusual in that I was NEVER an athlete, and then I was an athlete in one of the most intense sports out there…I dont’ necessarily know my body yet…which is why I am learning the hard way day after day after day. So, what am I going to do?…

…Nick suggest that I join a sport (other than Crossfit, I know that is a sport…) which will teach me foot work and how to move my body like an athlete. HE suggests tennis…ehhhh…while I want to learn tennis, I don’t get all excited and fired up about it. So here is where the Olympics tie in…

We were watching the Olympics on Sunday night, and the women’s rowing competition came on. Oh mannnnnn, I would be SUCH a good rower! I am long and lean, and I have a pretty decent 500m row time…not bad for a novice…imagine what I could do with a little practice! However, before I could jump into a regatta, I realized that there really is NOTHING available in this area for the average adult, post-collegiate career, to join a team. Ehh! Unless any of you know how I could do that??….

The other thought I had was…da da da DAH!!!…BOXING! Yes…boxing. I think I could be a BAD-ASS BOXER… There are plenty of places in Santa Barbara for me to access some training in that area…so, that may be the thing for me.

In the meantime, I’m working on lengthening my hamstrings, doing some gentle yoga…and trying not to beat myself up for not working out right now. Listening to the Olympians last night, they have rehab on lock-down at this point in their careers..what do all of YOU do for rehab when you hurt yourself? I would LOVE to know!

Much love,



6 thoughts on “Injuries and Olympics

  1. Lauren says:

    You got it girl, it’s all about repetition and letting your body know the movements, muscle memory baby!! Once you got the moves, you’ll never forget them!! You’ll get there, and yes, don’t be so hard on yourself, your body just needs to do things over and over again to do it automatically! 😀 Taking up a sport sound perfect! Good luck!

  2. alexandrars says:

    Santa Barbara has two great outrigger canoe clubs that might satisfy your rowing craving. Look up Santa Barbara Outrigger or Ka Nia’a Outrigger Club and see what you think. They are as dedicated to outriggers as you are to Crossfit. You might enjoy it!

  3. Julissa says:

    Depends on the injury but usually it’s my lower back, so my choice of rehab is non-impact workouts & foam roll religiously daily! I end up doing more 1 mile ocean swims (the cool water is invigorating & a natural anti-inflammatory) yoga, & cycling, occasionally hiking if I’m not too hurt. I think my injuries have definitely helped me be more aware of my form 🙂 & they force me to rest! You should definitely check out the rowing & boxing, or train for a sprint triathlon for fun. You may be surprised at how good you feel putting all that crossfit training to good use 😀

    • beautifullystrong says:

      I could not agree with you more on the fact that being injured, in some ways, is very much a gift; it shows you where your form is broken and FORCES you to correct it! I signed up for a Spartan Race in December…so hopefully the crossfit training will help me with that!! Thanks Julissa!

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