Hey, I may have peed my pants, but at least I didn’t hurt my back!

I am so happy to report that last week I completed an ENTIRE week without hurting myself at the gym! How did I do it?!


I rested. Typically I complete 5 days of exercise a week, this past week, I rested twice as much! I completed three pain-free workouts. Now, this was challenging for me to get behind…I am used to working out much more, and I couldn’t help but feel that feeling of “you lazy bum” creeping up the back of my neck. I listened to my body, and what my body was needing was rest.


-I stretched. If you are a patient of Santa Barbara Family Chiropractic or a client at Innate, you know how important stretching and foam rolling are for our health! Come to find out, I have some seriously tight hamstrings. If you have tight hamstrings or a tight butt, those shortened muscles are constantly tugging on your low back, and that lack of flexibility is not allowing you to keep that straight back when you’re hopping up from your burpee… STRETCH and ROLL!!!


I protected. I temporarily ex-nayed the movements that typically cause me problems. I gave my body a chance to heal itself up a bit before I threw it back into a workout of burpees and pullups. My workouts this week were:

*yoga and meditation

*beach sprints- on a side note, sprinting when you are injured is MONEY! You immediately correct your form if you break even a little bit. I found that I sprinted better AND FASTER than before!

*A WOD of:

10 double unders, 1 pushup

20 double unders, 2 pushups

30 double unders, 3 pushups…etc up to 100 double unders and 10 pushups

*10 minute time cap*

I got through 7 full rounds, which equalled 280 double unders and 28 pushups…

…and if you’re still questioning my title, you have never been a woman and done double unders :-p


I ate cleaner. Focusing on what I eat is a HUGE piece in making sure that I don’t hurt myself. The less inflamed my guts are, the more control I have over what I do with my body, and the more power I give my abs to protect my spine. If you’re in the Santa Barbara area, Dr. Nick is giving a (sure to be kick ass) workshop on the Paleo Diet this Wednesday at our office (360 s. hope ave, c-100) at 6:30pm. Come check it out, and learn how to eat like a caveman!


I got adjusted. I am forever grateful for my amazing chiropractor, who happens to be my hubs 🙂 He constantly cleans up after me and my messes, but never the less, always encourages me toward OPTIMAL wellness, and being as strong and healthy as I can be (which includes not HURTING MYSELF!). He’s an amazing chiropractor, an amazing coach, and an amazing man all the way around. Thank you baby 🙂


I will be attending my first WOD tonight with a class since over a week ago…the workout is 50 power cleans for time, and a couple 6-8 min AMRAPs. Wish me luck amigos…I’ll let you know how it goes!


Much love,



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