Friday Fave’s

Happy Friday loves!! I’m going to make this short and sweet so that I can hop on my bike and head back home for the WEEKEND!!! Here are a few of my favorite things THIS week:


the beautifully strong project friday fave's

1. The Five Love Languages by Gary Chapman. I just finished this book for the second time last night, and I honestly feel like EVERYONE would benefit from reading this book. It focuses on marriages/love relationships, but knowing the “love language” of friends could make your friendships a whole lot better as well. Look for a post on this book in more detail next week…

2. Dayglow. We loved it in the 80’s, and we’re loving it now!! I dont’ know if I watched too many 80’s movies about California as a child, but for some reason, this is how I always FIGURED Californian’s dressed…dayglow, all day long 🙂

3. Finally, my last favorite thing for today is the Primal Life Organic’s Infiniti face line. First of all, I can’t say enough awesome things about the owner of this company. I emailed her looking to affiliate with her, and she sent me some awesome products to try. Not only did she send me awesome products, but she made it fresh!! I am in LOVE with the face line…absolutely in love. There is a face wash, toner, serum and a moisturizer. Every single ingredient in the line is “Paleo” and definitely au naturel 🙂 Nick tells me almost every single day that my face smells like brown sugar…sweet side benefit. The best benefit of all is that my face feels a baby’s ass, and I have pretty much gone from running into Sephora in a panic for someone to teach me how to wear makeup because I felt like I was scaring little children, to now reverting back to my original stance of sans makeup most days (except for maaaaybe a little mascara). Whether OTHER people think I should be wearing makeup or not is irrelevent…I feel so much more comfortable and confident in my own skin again…I love this stuff!!

So, good news for all of you! Monday I will be doing a giveaway from the Primal Life Organics BODY LINE!! I will give you all the details on Monday…but you DEFINITELY want to try for these goodies… *hint, there may even be a Primal Pit Stick in there…;)*


I hope you all have an amazing weekend. I’m looking forward to doing sweet NOTHINGS!!!

Much love,



3 thoughts on “Friday Fave’s

  1. Samster says:

    Primal pit stick?! Oh man!!!!! I am excited to hear about this stuff, I definitely need my face to be smooth as a baby’s ass!! I LOVE YOU!

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