Amanda Cannon on “Paleo”

Oh boy, do I ever have a treat for YOU today!!! Today, there will be a guest post by my soul-sistah, Amanda Cannon. Amanda and I met back in Massachusetts through Nick…and to say that it was love at first sight is a MAJOR understatement 🙂 Both Amanda and I consider ourselves “wellness warriors”, and through her journey she has had some MAJORLY AMAZING changes due to Chiropractic, Crossfit and Paleo which she shares on her AWESOME blog Sozo Life, which you should definitely check out!

Without further ado…Miss Amanda Cannon :)…

Yep…this is us…on the reg


Paleo. Ah the word brings up so many emotions inside me. Passionate about Paleo….my friends would probably sum me up by that. Well maybe  just passionate in general but being Paleo happens to be one of my favorite things.

So let’s rewind to 2008. I was in rough shape. I had chronic back pain, allergies, sinus infections, fatigue, hormonal imbalance and overall no direction for my life. Along came Franson Family Chiropractic…..(I am sure you may have heard Jen mention this place once or twice.)

My dear friend Alexis introduced me to this place and I can honestly say it changed the direction of my life. I had no idea about well living, Paleo, or Crossfit. From starting to go to Franson my interest was sparked. I started doing screening’s for them and met Mr. Nick Araza. (whom through  I met Miss Jen who became one of my soul sisters very quickly.)

Nick and I had a conversation one day about food. He asked me what was holding me back from taking control of my health. I didn’t understand what he meant. He asked me what my favorite things to eat were. I told him bread and cheese (ha! oh me…..). He then asked me now what if I knew that those morsels of bread and cheese were laced with arsenic. Just a little bit. Would I still eat them? That stopped me right in my tracks. Well no! He then proceeded to explain to me the effect that certain foods can have on the body and how when you change your thinking about food to fuel and what it does inside your body it can override the craving for toxic food in general. This was a big deal for me. I struggled with food for most of my teen years. I had constant battles with it and would go on frequent emotional eating binges. I disliked my body and my secret battle with food.

I began to do all sorts of research on this so called Paleo diet. What in the world was this all about? I read multiple books to learn all about it. I had always loved to cook and was excited for the challenge to come up with tasty and creative Paleo dishes. I began to see all sorts of results in my life. My chronic back pain went away. This was a big deal for me from being in multiple car accidents. My joints were pain-free! My allergies and sinus infections went away, my skin began to get clear, and most of all I finally banished my emotional roller coaster with food. I found myself in control of it instead of letting it control me. I felt FREEEEEEEEE! I began to cherish my little bod and see the results big time! I joined Crossfit in October 2010 and began to put it all together. I used to hate working out and now I found something that I absolutely loved!

This sent me on an epic search for more knowledge about Health and Wellness. I came across another book that impacted me big time. It was Crazy Sex Diet by Chris Karr. It was basically all about her journey through cancer and how changing her diet saved her life. I got really excited if someone could beat cancer through their diet this means that diet alone could certainly help others with other health problems. I started to pass this information on to my mother who had been battling MS.

I began to realize how passionate I was about this subject. I decided I loved helping people too much to just sit back and not do something about it. I began to pursue a career in Health and Wellness. I finally found my calling. I feel alive when teaching people how to be healthy.  I think my favorite thing is to work with young girls and women to help them understand the importance of a healthy body image. I spent so many years being insecure and battling with food and my body. I want to teach young girls what true beauty in general is from the inside out. Not just making healthy choices but in their character as well. It’s taken me years to convince my mom to switch to Paleo. She finally did a few months ago and has seen major results and is out of her wheel chair and walking around again! That truly was amazing to me. I cried tears of joy!

Paleo is not just a diet, it is a way of life. It is a lifestyle and a life changer. I have become part of an amazing community of people who eat together, do life together and live an amazing life. I want a partner who thinks this way. I want to raise my kids this way. It is more than just food it is a mindset of living simply, the way we were meant to live.

This is the thing, once you understand what is going on in your body, and the effect certain foods have and you begin to feel the difference you just can’t go back. You can’t go back to your previous way of living. You know too much, and have seen the results. It is hard to explain to someone without them experiencing it for themselves. Really the motivation for health has to be the issue. If it’s just you and your will against the cheese cake, the cheese cake will win. But if you really begin to understand what the cheesecake does inside your body it stops you and makes you think. So many of the clients who come to see me at the Y aren’t really ready to make the change unless they have been in some big health crisis. I say don’t wait! Do it now! Invest in your health.  It’s just like a car…if you continue to put bad fuel in the car, eventually it will break down. You put the right fuel in your car, why wouldn’t you put the right fuel in your precious bod?
Health is a journey, I myself have faced some battles of late and had to fight HARD to make it through.  It is worth it though and in the end you don’t know what you have till it is gone. Don’t let your health slip away from you.  You are either moving towards health or away from it in every choice you make. So grab some people who want to be on this journey with you and move towards health together.

Much love,

Jen & Amanda


3 thoughts on “Amanda Cannon on “Paleo”

  1. Nick Araza says:

    Nice post ladies! So proud of both of your accomplishments in last few years! I remember that screening too, it was at that hotel/gym in Peabody and it was super slow going. I can’t remember if we got any new patients, but I’m glad some really positive stuff came out of it!
    -Dr. N

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