Change of Space

Hello loves,


I have not written in so long…no excuses, I have just been swamped with work and have had less (unfortunately) time to be writing in this sweet little baby. Not to mention, I have been doing sick for the last two weeks (feels like years), which has pretty much kept me out of the gym, and it’s hard to conjure up some inspiration for a fitness blog when you’re not even walking into a gym!

That all being said, I will be most likely blogging LESS here, and a little more over HERE. This is my husband and I’s business blog where I will pretty much be sharing the same stuff…”me”…but you would also get the added bonus of posts from my husband, zee Doctare 🙂


…well sort of


Now before you run away, hear me out! 🙂 I’m not saying I won’t EVER blog over here again…I’m hoping to get some internets at our house so that I can make time for this more often. HOWEVER, IF you have been wondering lately, “hey, where is that chick Jen who speaks of nothing but Crossfit and her feelings?”, well then, you can keep up with me once a week at Capeesh? 🙂 Also, while you’re at it, you could check out our facebook page and “like” that little baby…!/santabarbarafamilychiropractic.

While you’re at THAT….have you “liked” my Beautifully Strong Page on Facebook? Whhatttt? Why not? I am updating that page MUCH MUCH more frequently with fun stuff everyday…so if you miss me…that would be the place to go 🙂


Check out the site, sign up for emails of new posts if you would like. I love and adore you all 🙂


Have a super awesome day!



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