New name, same girl

I just couldn’t stay away. I missed you all so much, its crazy! 

First things first, why the name change?

The whole reason I was having a hard time continuing with my Beautifully Strong blog is that I was feeling like I had reached a certain place of transformation and no longer had the drive to write about my Crossfit growths and woes as much as I previously had. I struggled with it for quite a while; wanting to keep this creative space, but wanting to change what I wrote about. I felt there were a lot of expectations on me, whether there actually were or not, and I caved and just stopped all together. Lame, right?!

Welp, this is where I’m at now. I really love my life…I love my husband (thus the title…it all pretty much stems from us), our crazy dog McMillan (oh man, just you wait, you haven’t even MET him on this blog yet…he’s a blog in himself!), our busy, beautiful life in our Chiropractic clinic, travel, and all the things in life we have to look forward to (more travel, babies, etc etc). 

I still love Crossfit, don’t get me wrong, however my world has shifted to literally all that could come out of my mouth was Crossfit, to now allowing for Crossfit to serve as an important piece of my health and wellness, but feeling excited about such a huge variety of things…

…and well, I often feel like our life is pretty darn interesting… 

…so I want to share it…with you all 🙂

What you can look forward to in this newly revamped version of this space:

  • McMillan (MicMack, Bubba, Mucky…the list goes on). There may be a lot of him, but you won’t be sad about it…I promise!
  • Me and my hubs, and all our crazy adventures, challenges, new experiences, etc 🙂 ❤
  • My girlfriends. Holy wow, I have quite the group of ladies in my life. These women are some of the coolest, most successful people I have ever met in my life. I need to share them with the world!
  • Baby stuff (when that time comes), and probably a lot of it.
  • Recipes. I love cooking more than ever and really like trying new things and they deserve to be shared!
  • Chiropractic/Wellness stuff 🙂 There’s a lot of gold in this category. 


I super missed you all, and here’s to another few years of fun together 🙂


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