Bit of a rant here…

This past weekend I was fortunate enough to be able to go down to Costa Mesa, CA for one of the largest, most AWESOME Chiropractic events of the year…Cal Jam!

During the weekend we were infiltrated with so much powerful, emotional information, that it’s taking a little bit to process it all. There were talks on vaccines, and GMO’s, of course chiropractic, Dr. Mercola spoke on nutrition, and there were plenty of moments touching on other extremely controversy-laden topics.

Then this morning I saw this cute little video that someone posted on my Facebook wall…

Now, if you haven’t seen it…here it is:

I’m not necessarily posting this for giggles, even though it is pretty freaking funny and I could absolutely see McMillan doing this….I’m posting it more to stand on a soap box for just one second…if you don’t want to read it, you don’t need to.

After watching this little video I noticed that there was SO many comments on this video about how this is animal cruelty and how it is abusive to this dog

People…this is a lime.

A lime.

A real piece of FOOD. So many people are feeding their kids McDonald’s on the regular and other “franken-foods” and “food like products” and pumping them full of who knows what kinds of meds, formaldehyde, mercury and other toxins (some of the spectacular ingredients in our children’s vaccines)…

..and feeding a lime to a dog is animal cruelty? Yes, maybe citrus is not the best for dogs…but come on…it can not be anywhere near as damaging as the shit we put into our own bodies and our children…

We need to get our prospective checked, stat…

I don’t usually like to speak out on this because of the “controversy” it could cause, but it really saddened me to think (and this is coming from a girl with a border line obsession with her dog) that we are doing a bit more research on what our dogs should be eating than our little humans…


*end rant*


In love and gratitude,



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