About me

I want to be strong. I want to be beautiful. I want to be beautifully strong.

I joined the local Crossfit gym down the street from me in October, thinking I would get a good workout. Little did I know that I would get SOOOOO much more than that! Crossfit has a community, a support system, like no other gym I’ve ever been to. This is actually NOT a gym…this is a lifestyle.

I have the tendancy to start things and fall off the wagon…for EVERYTHING. I want this though…bad. This is where you come in. Knowing that there is a chance that someone is out there reading this motivates me to keep at it everyday, holding myself accountable. A year from now I want to be doing kipping pullups, not STRUGGLING with the “green band”. I want to be doing handstands freely, maybe even REAL handstand pushups instead on my knees, ass up in the air. I want a butt I can bounce quarters off of, and abs that if I were to be run over by a truck, wouldn’t feel a thing 🙂 In addition to you helping me, maybe I can help you. Maybe seeing the change in me, my progression over the next year, you’ll want to get up and try this too!

About me:

I grew up in a little town in northern Maine (that is NOT Canada..and we DO have running water and electricity. Yes, BOTH running water and electricity!) with my parents and my younger brother, Justin.

I feel like I have the coolest life on the planet! I live in Santa Barbara, California, working full-time with my handsome fiance Nick running our very own chiropractic wellness facility (Santa Barbara Family Chiropractic), part-time as a trainer at Innate Fitness  and working out Crossfit style as much as possible to achieve my fitness goals.

Thanks for reading!


4 thoughts on “About me

  1. joann/ aka mom says:

    i love you so much and the woman you have become but will always be my little girl my little princess you are so beautiful jen inside and out and are making such a big difference in people’s lives we are so proud of you love you lots love mom and dad

  2. Nicole Haller says:

    Hello Jen,

    I recently stumbled upon thebeautifullystrong.com and wanted to introduce you to our company, Fashletics [www.fashletics.com]. Fashletics is a collection of athletically inspired jewelry, apparel, and accessories designed and created by Sarah Wilson, made entirely in the USA. Sarah is a CrossFit athlete and coach and has been designing handmade jewelry for over 10 years.

    Fashletics has been teaming up with fitness related blogs such as yours as a way to introduce our products to new communities, provide value to your subscribers and promote your content to our fan base as well.

    As a way to mutually grow our businesses across the fitness community, we would love for you to consider doing a product review of Fashletics and hosting a Fashletics giveaway on your blog. We would provide you with two items from our website – one for you to keep and one for you to offer in a giveaway hosted on your blog.

    Here’s how the giveaway would work:
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    2. You write a review on your blog of the product indicating that one reader will receive a FREE necklace from Fashletics.
    3. We will provide a link to our facebook page that allows your readers to enter the contest that will be included in your review.
    4. Fashletics provides a link to your blog on our Facebook page in order to introduce you to our fan base.
    5. The winner is drawn at random at the end of the day.
    6. Fashletics will ship the item to the winner immediately.

    We will also provide your readers with a promotional code for 10% off all Fashletics web purchases valid for one week, exclusive only to your community.

    Please let us know if you are interested in teaming up with Fashletics! We look forward to hearing from you!
    Nicole Haller
    Social Media and Marketing, Fashletics

  3. Jenn (GH) says:

    Hey! Thanks for stopping by my blog. I actually think I met you in person once at the Lululemon in SB. I used to live in Ventura before we moved into an rv to travel the country. I remember talking to a girl who loved CF and blogged. I bet it was you!!! How funny! You look amazing and I love the premise of you blog.

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