The last few weeks I have been CONSISTENTLY working out 5 days a week, and HARD! Based on the title of this post, I’m sure you can figure out where this going…

Since upping my workouts, I have been….EXHAUSTED!!! I mean…EXHAAAAUUUUUSSSTTTEDDDD!! Going to bed at 8:30, taking naps in the middle of the day, incapable of waking up for ANYTHING in the morning…exhausted. Poor Nick has had to deal with me saying “Why am I so tired?!?!” pretty much every hour of the day for the last few weeks…he doesn’t seem to understand why I’m STILL asking this after he has already answered me about 50 times.

"I'm just going to lay here for one little second..."

While I am definitely noticing some differences in my strength, AND my body compisition…I’m super excited that I have a rest day today, to be perfectly honest with you. I’ve posted the last two days of my workouts…

Tuesday’s WOD

max pullups (15 kipped with orange band…I think I could have done more on a day when my hand was completely healed from the LAST time we did a lot of pull-ups :-p)

5k run (24:32) it was more like 3 miles, rather than 3.2 but I SCHOOLED my last 5k even still! 🙂 (my 5k time was 30 minutes and some change the last time I did it :-p)

There was a lot of realization of growth in this one for me. While  I was no where near first done, which I didn’t expect anyway, I was able to run the entire 3 miles without stopping AND my time was significantly lower than any other time I’ve run 3 miles. To refresh you all on where I USED to be with running, essentially if I saw 200m on the board I would a) feel like crying, b) actually cry, or c) get SUPER grumpy and feel like leaving… So, I think it goes without saying that being able to run the whole time is definitely a spurt of growth, actually ENFORCING that we DO the 5k (because I don’t think anyone else wanted to do it either…) is a whole other level of growth in itself! 🙂 Oh, and thank you to Andrew for running the last half of it with me 🙂 Best brother-in-law-to-be ever 🙂

Wednesday’s WOD

6 min amrap:

10 deadlifts (#95)

15 pushups (knees)

20 sit-ups 

3 full rounds + 1 dead lift

I’m taking my rest day today and running with it 🙂 I’m going to soak up every little morsel of my lunch break and fill it to the brim with food, sunshine and naps 🙂


Mucho love-o 🙂




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